Our Mission

Eastside Education Network brings together parents committed to ensuring our public schools achieve successful outcomes for all students.

  • Eastside Education Network (EEN) will educate parents, students and community members about developments in education at the local, district and state level, with emphasis on policies and best practices that directly benefit students.
  • EEN will teach parents how to advocate for meaningful change in public education through grassroots organizing, workshops, trainings, and similar outreach.
  • EEN will facilitate parental involvement in education decision making at the local, district and state level, encouraging dialogue and policies that place successful student outcomes, with emphasis on college and career readiness, at the forefront of decision making.
  • EEN will partner with community leaders, businesses and other strategic allies to further the aim of increasing parental involvement in education and strengthening our schools to ensure all students learn, grow and thrive.
  • EEN will serve as a timely, trusted and comprehensive resource on education issues that matter to parents through substantial media presence, offering both original content and information from a variety of respected sources.