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Information and analysis for families about supporting students in their lives after high school: college, career and beyond

The switch to distance learning has understandably been a challenging one for districts. From rolling out new technology to renegotiating teacher contracts to engaging students on new platforms and serving meals to families who need them, running...
Here is information about the remote learning plan for Bellevue School District as communicated to educators in an email this week from Superintendent Ivan Duran.###April 16, 2020
Anne Holmdahl and Mary Pat O'Neil are private college counselors with a wealth of experience helping students navigate high school and apply to colleges and other post-secondary programs. With the lives of so many juniors and seniors...
The Snoqualmie Valley School District has designated this Wednesday, October 16 as Super Wednesday. On that day, SVSD high school seniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT at their school during the day (in other words, not...