You made it through the first two weeks of school. Time to dance!

Because we know you were super busy filling out forms, buying supplies, packing lunches and otherwise doing all the terrific things you do, we’re bringing you our must-read education news for the week all in one easy-to-read blog post!

And here we go…

Lunch – why the rush?

The state of Washington took an official look at what’s going on with lunch in public schools across our state. Turns out our students aren’t getting the recommended amount of seat time for lunch (20 minutes). State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal wants to establish mandatory rules for seat time and how recess is scheduled but said it will take “several years” to implement those changes. If you want to learn more (and if you’d rather not wait several years for the state to get lunch right) check out our analysis at Finding time for school lunch here.

Test scores

Standardized test scores were released this week for Washington students who took the Smarter Balanced Assessments last spring. The report is difficult to parse through. Overall it appears the state is not on target to meet goals it set for proficiency, and large gaps among student groups persist. Neal Morton’s must-read coverage of this important issue in The Seattle Times Education Lab includes informative graphs, direct responses from state officials and analysis from testing experts. Read Washington set a high bar for students to pass standardized exams by 2027. New results suggest there’s more work to do here.

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