We can all learn a lot from the dyslexia community.

We can learn about effective, proven strategies to teach reading.

We can learn about the challenges students and families face when they aren’t provided appropriate reading instruction.

We can also learn what it means to advocate for a meaningful change in an education system that is often slow – if not at times downright hostile – to change.

If you are part of the dyslexia community, we want to hear (and learn) from you. We’re collecting stories about what your dyslexia journey as a parent or caregiver, teacher or someone who is dyslexic has been like. What was hard about it? What surprised you? What is the one thing you wish people knew?

Email us at [email protected] or leave a comment below if you’re interested. We’ll have lots of ways you can tell your story – video, in writing, Q&A or any way that can convey your experience to our network.